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What one thinks about turns into reality

Thinking back to the early 90s where my passion for 4x4ing and Camping started inspired me to start an online store. We were always out and about looking for new camping and 4x4 spots but always seemed to miss that one important item on our trip. We are all creatures of habit and resort to researching and planning our trips based on what the internet has to offer, so what better place to quickly browse an online store and buy that one needed item with a click of a button.

So when you think 4x4ing or camping let one thought come to mind and that’s AFRICA OFFROAD. Our years of experience have led us to make the correct quality choices for you that will prevent disappointment. So with all our resources and enough money to purchase my dreams I invested my piggy bank into my passion. We will keep as much of the products we sell from local suppliers to help grow our local businesses. We will have a recruitment section for our suppliers in need of experts.

Our aim is to supply anything 4x4 related including camping goods on one website. Our years of experience has led us to deal with experts in the industry, this is our promise to you.Our guarantee is to direct you to the best fitment centre’s at Africa Offroad reduced rates.


Going camping, use this list to make sure you packed everything...


Image Of product: Snorkel

R1 800,00


Snorkels. Please contact us to find out if your vehicles snorkel is available.

Image Of product: Valve Core


Valve Core

Image Of product: Valve Cap


Valve Cap

Valve Cap with Valve Removing Tool

Image Of product: Tyre Pressure Capsule


Tyre Pressure Capsule

Tyre Pressure Capsule 16g